Why Pest Infestations Spread: Dirty Pests as Doting Parents

Arguably the most vile of pests, cockroaches and termites survive by invading people’s homes and ransacking their resources. Every year, millions of dollars go to waste as these insects successfully destroy buildings and disrupt operations.

But you may be surprised to know that behind their abhorrent behaviour lies a nurturing nature towards their young. You read that right. There is so much more to these pests than well, pestering human populations all over the world.

Cockroaches Coddle Little Ones

The Australian giant burrowing cockroach is one of the species that take special care of their young. They look after their babies, providing them with food in a protective environment. For about the first six months of their lives, cockroaches live closely with their mums. The females collect leaves from the soil and take them into the burrow to feed their babies.

australian giant burrowing cockroach pests

Image source: Amazing Amazon

As for the males, they consume bird droppings to obtain nitrogen, an essential part of the roach diet, and carry it back to their young. Along with mums, dads regurgitate food mixed with fluids produced by glands in their stomach.

Termites Treasure Family Time

Another insect group that has exhibited strange and fascinating parental behaviours are termites. Fostering family togetherness, king and queen termites keep their clan close as they breed non-stop throughout their lifespan.

Parent termites do take it several notches higher though. They give off pheromones that keep their offspring sterile and subservient. As a result, the children never leave home and stay with the colony all their lives.

termites pests

Now who would have thought that their despicable tendencies could hide surprising benevolent instincts towards their offspring? If only they cared as much about us humans too.

The reality is, cockroaches and termites will contaminate and damage our properties and possessions without a second thought. If you are worried about the possibility of this happening to you, Masters Pest Control Sydney has your back. Dial (02) 8007 4666 and hire our crew today.

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