04 Oct. 17

There’s now an app that helps you find termites!

So there are no mud tubes snaking through your wall. You've knocked on wood and have heard no hollow sounds either. And yet, you have the sinking feeling that termites are eating their way through the structural foundation of your home. The question is, how do you prove it? Now, you can confirm your suspicions using a mobile app.

Harnessing the power of technology, these wood-eating insects can be exposed through a mobile app called “Termite Buster."

Hills News published an article featuring this first-of-its-kind termite detection mobile app. Chris Kirk, co-founder of the app, uses patented detection software to identify termite activity. It works with smartphones' noise-cancelling microphones to uncover the presence of termites.

Professional Termite Control Still Absolutely Necessary

Who knows? Maybe next time we'll hear about another state-of-the-art mobile innovation that determines other sorts of pest infestations. From cockroaches to rats and spiders, the possibilities are endless.

In the meantime, call a pest control company to know for sure. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we use reliable termite control methods to detect and stop termite infestations.

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Why is termite infestation a big problem?

The article noted that the cost of damage and repairs caused by termites are around $1.5 billion dollars each year. Ion Staunton, an acclaimed entomologist, added that termites are spread out all over Australia, with Tasmania being the only state unaffected.

termite buster app

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“A few years ago CSIRO and Archicentre Australia conducted separate surveys and found that about every third house had been attacked by termites," said Staunton. “...Termite damage can decrease a home's value at an average of about $50,000.”

Download the mobile app and start looking for termites!

Termite Buster is available for download from the iTunes app store for $9.99. For those interested in purchasing the app, take note that it is not marketed as an alternative to a professional pest control inspection. Instead, it enables homeowners to easily check for termites and be informed if they need to call the exterminators to wipe out these pests.

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