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Pest Birds In Sydney

Sydney’s common street birds, such as Indian mynas, pigeons and seagulls, famously request food at every opportunity, something that was once seen as fairly harmless but now considered a serious problem of flying vermin by NSW food hygiene laws. This problem has evolved far past pesky birds milling around Sydneysiders’ feet in search for scraps, […]

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Pests In Commercial Buildings

Dangerous pests carry disease-causing organisms that cause leptospirosis, salmonella, typhus fever and ringworm infections. They spread the disease by feeding and urinating on stored products and contaminating food with droppings. Virtually any structure that has food preparation or storage areas due to the abundant food and shelter appeals to them. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, […]

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Why We’re the Top Pest Exterminators in Sydney’s North Shore

Living with rats, cockroaches and flies can have serious implications on your health. Aside from eliciting disgust and terror, they also carry a variety of diseases. Your home should be the one place where you feel safe and comfortable, instead of being an environment for vermin to proliferate. If your household is threatened by the […]

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