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Hail to The Queens

Queen bees and ants have earned their rightful place at the top. For bee species, the queens live for up to five years, unlike workers who only have a total lifespan of several weeks. On the other hand, queen ants sit on the throne for about 30 years. Workers get significantly less time to live””only […]

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Experts in Removing Bees

Quality Bee Pest Control Call (02) 8007 4666 Come to Masters Pest Control Sydney for hassle-free bee pest control services. Our team of professionals are all skilled in various aspects of pest management. With minimal fuss, we remove beehives as safely as possible. We only use high-grade, pesticide-free treatments as we care about you and […]

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Over Hundreds of Species in Sydney

Bee Pest Control in Sydney There are about 20,000 known species of bees around the world. In Australia, you will find over 1500 native bee species, 200 of which are endemic to Sydney. These creatures greatly contribute to indigenous biodiversity. The European Honey Bee, in particular, is very valuable to the balance of the ecosystem. […]

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