01 Jul. 17

Breaking Down Termite Barriers: What You Need to Know

Termite barrier systems are designed to help get rid of termites in your home. These are very effective in blocking off entry points in and around your property. It will also give you control over active termite colonies. Given advances in technology, termite barriers now come in a wide variety of forms. Typically, they are classified into two categories””physical and chemical.

The installation of termite barriers largely depends on the material and layout of your property. Some can be placed during the pre-construction stage while others are better used in the post-construction phase. If you are in the process of new home construction, consult with a termite expert such as Masters Pest Control Sydney to know your options.

Physical Termite Barriers
A physical termite barrier is made to keep termites from accessing specific areas of the home. Termites have been proven to slip through cracks that are as small as 1/32 inch. With a physical termite barrier, you will be able to easily detect their movements. The most widely recognized forms include sand and basaltic particle barriers. Barriers made of stainless steel mesh are gaining popularity too.

Chemical Termite Barriers

On the other hand, a chemical termite barrier offers a preventive measure against these wood-eating insects. With proper application, this type of barrier can repel and kill any termites that come into contact with the chemicals. For some, the effect is slow and contagious. This means that a termite won’t die right away but will come back to the nest and spread the deadly substance to the rest of the colony. Chemical termite barriers include soil treatments and plastic barriers that are treated with termiticide.

Chemical Termite Barriers Pest Control Sydney

Chemical Termite Barriers Pest Control Sydney

How to Check for Termites

Evidence of termite activity can be anything from cracks in the foundation and other structural irregularities in the building. Chances are, termites have been taking advantage of them as they go in and out of these entry points. If you knock on the wooden areas of your home and hear a hollow sound, it is a sign that an entire colony has already taken claim of that part of your property. Mud tubes appearing on the side of walls are a dead giveaway of an ongoing termite infestation as well.

To the average person, an infestation can go undetected for so long, even if it has already reached a serious level. To gain more knowledge on the telltale signs of termite activity, reach out to a local termite exterminator near you. Ask Masters Pest Control Sydney  for the best termite barrier options as soon as possible.