Backpackers Beware!!!

Bitten by the travel bug? Great! Make sure a lust for travel is the only thing you get infected with.For budget travellers roughing it out, it pays to be aware of the potential health hazards you can face.

It does not even matter if you’re exploring an exotic locale where you are sure to encounter unusual animal species. Where humans go, pests follow. Backpackers are just as vulnerable to infections brought about by pests on a multi-city vacation as they are on a hiking adventure.


Backpackers traveling far away from home accept that at some point in their trip, they could have less-than-ideal bowel movements. Diarrhoea is often caused by ingesting bacteria one is not used to. This could be straight from a local water source, or from food washed in the same water. Be careful when eating street food as well. Roadside vendors may not practice appropriate measures to keep their stalls free of contamination from pests.

Bed Bugs

Accommodation is not a thing to be picky about when you’re backpacking. Or so you think. Of course, it makes sense to go for what can best save you money or is closest to the attraction you want to see. Just know that the more run-down a place is, the more likely it is to host bed bugs.

bed bugs pest control

Bed Bugs

Budget lodging welcomes transient travellers, those who are constantly on the move and hopping from one cheap accommodation to the next. This increases the chances of bed bug infestations, as these pests hitchhike backpacks. So wherever you decide to stay in””be it a hostel, guest house or bed and breakfast””do your research beforehand.

Mozzies & Ticks

Whether you’re climbing a mountain or camping out under the stars, the great outdoors opens you up to a world of wonders. It also opens opportunities for mosquitoes and ticks to take a bite out of you. Soon enough you’ll find yourself with unbearably itchy red spots, which could get infected when left untreated. Always make sure to bring mosquito patches and other forms of insect repellent.

mozzies and ticks

Mozzies and Ticks

All of these ailments can be prevented by effective pest control strategies. In New South Wales, Masters Pest Control Sydney is experienced in removing all sorts of pests. (02) 8007 4666 is the number to call for any critter concerns.

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