spring cleaning to avoid pest infestations in Sydney homes

24 Nov. 20

5 Tips for Pest Control this Spring

Spring Cleaning to Avoid Pest Infestations

spring cleaning to avoid pest infestations in Sydney homes

2020 is coming to a close and spring is here! To many people, this time of year means warm weather and flowers in bloom. Unfortunately, spring is also the season when some annoying pests emerge. With the weather shift, these nasty creatures wake up from their winter hibernation being hungry, and ready to mate. In Sydney, Australia, spring brings a big problem about pests and they have to rely on tips from the most trusted experts in Sydney to chase pests away.

This is the reason why spring pest control is very important. For people living in Sydney, it’s the urgent time for pest control. Below are the top spring pest control tips to protect your house from those little creatures.

Keep your house clean

Keeping things clean is one of the most effective spring pest control tips, according to insect specialists in Sydney. Dirt invites molds and pests. Spring means the best time of year to remove dirt and clutter gathered over the last year out of your home. Getting rid of junk will clear pests’ shelter. They will lose the place to hide and attack your house. If you want to stay away from pests, keep your home tidy and clean.

Manage food & waste well

Managing food and waste well is also among the best pest control tips, not only in pest-crowded cities like Sydney but also in other areas. No matter what your space is, effective waste management and disposal is the key to pest control, especially in areas of many pest types such as Sydney. And while garbage brings absolutely no benefit to humans, they can offer everything pests need to survive, from food, water to shelter.

After the winter, pests look for essentials. A wonderful approach that stands out from numerous tips is to keep them away from your home is to be mindful of how you store your food, including the uncooked, cooked food and the leftovers. Keep your food sealed in air-tight containers with covers. Remember to also pay attention to pet food. Wash the dishes immediately after finishing your meals. 

In Sydney, a small hole in trash bins can be a door to a pest’s new shelter. To apply tips successfully, you must know their feeding habits first. Cockroaches eat dead and decomposing organic stuff, while wasps feed on fish, meat and sweet substances. If rubbish bins are not properly cleaned or closed, pests can get inside and take advantage of the overflow of food. In addition, if your rubbish bin is not leak-proof, fluids may drip underneath and offer breeding grounds for pests. This is why bin collection is very important to pest control in Sydney.

Control moisture

pest prevention tip - house decay attracts pests

To control moisture is one of the most helpful spring pest control tips. Winter is when a great population of pests such as rats, mosquitos, spiders die off. However, when climate change strikes and the winter becomes less cold in places where it used to be much harsher like Sydney, not many pests die off as usual. This also means that in spring, these harmful invaders have a head start on causing damages in our homes.

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The transition to spring makes people deal with a lot of moisture: rain, snow, overflow and runoff. Pests are attracted to water either because they are thirsty, or they thrive in a humid environment.

Leaky pipes can also attract those little devils. While you cannot control how much it rains or snows, make sure to keep your gutters clean and caring for your plumbing system. Fix the leaking pipes and faucets.

Inspect your exterior

To exterminators in Sydney, one of the most important spring pest control tips is to look around properties. In crowded places like Sydney, the arrival of spring leads to a sudden change in temperature that can affect houses’ exterior. The new weaknesses in your home can be exploited by any pest. Pests can break into your space through cracks on the wall or ceiling and chipped window panes. Loose siding can also ruin your spring pest control plan, no matter what amazing tips you have. 

spring outdoor pest inspection

According to the most experienced pest control agencies in Sydney, an exterior inspection involves a full inspection of your home for any evidence of dry rot damage, or moisture conditions that may result in an atmosphere for wood destroying termites and other pests. This means that a pest inspector will examine your home exterior with particular attention to the trim, home siding and roof eaves. An effective exterior inspection not only in spring but also in other seasons includes checking for leaks in the bathrooms, kitchen, and the attic. 

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Inspect your interior

After inspecting your property’s exterior, it is time to examine the interior. According to Sydney pest control specialists, this is one of the most essential tips to protect properties from pests, especially in spring. Spring is the best time to have a look at the items that you use to decorate your house for the last year’s holidays. After the living room, attics and basements are two major spots, as well as any spaces where your home utilities are stored. Clean thoroughly and be sure that no pest made its way inside.

Following the 5 tips above is a great way to deter any uninvited guests. Sydney residents should pay attention to those tips because Sydney is an ideal space for pest development. Yet, pest control is a worldwide issue. So if you suspect you may have an infestation, contact professional pest control experts for a thorough building pest inspection.