10 ways to prevent a mice infestation in your home

01 Jun. 20

10 Ways to Prevent Mice Infestations in Your Home

Are you having trouble with rodents, but you do not know how to control them? Here are some simple ways to help fight a mouse infestation in your home.

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Use aromatic essential oils.

There are different ways of controlling rats inside the home. Recently, people have found scents that detract rats from entering the room. The reason why rat poisons are problematic is that when the rat consumes the chemicals, they usually die hiding in hard-to-reach areas like the ceiling or a small crack in the wall.

Scientific research proves that mice hate the smell of essential oils. Chasing away rats with natural oils can be effective. At the same time, it’s not a bad idea to make your house smell nice.

You only need to take a few drops of favourite essential oil smells (mint, lavender, chamomile) onto small pieces of cotton. Then put the cotton ball in the corners, trash cans or other the kitchen. Change the cotton pads soaked in essential oils after 5-7 days.


Use cinnamon, garlic or paprika.

To save costs, you can use garlic, cinnamon or paprika to repel mice.

Sprinkle garlic powder or chilli powder (or chopped chilli pieces) in mouse holes and tunnels. The pungent smell of garlic and chilli will cause discomfort and keep rats away.

To avoid rats destroying your garden, water your plants with a mixture of paprika, dishwashing liquid diluted with water. This solution not only detracts mice but also prevents pests from destroying plants and vegetables.


Block pathways and entry points.

You can use a steel wool sponge to block mouse entry points. Make to secure the steel wool to completely block rodents from re-entering. After a few days, if you still see mice, look for other holes you may have missed.


Adopt a pet cat.

Although this is not a surefire way to prevent a mice infestation, it can help prevent mice from infesting your home. It is common knowledge that cats and mice are mortal enemies. A mice infestation is less likely to get worse if you have a cat.

10 ways to prevent a mice infestation in your home

Besides chasing rats from the house, the cat is a lovely pet. Having them in the home can help you relieve stress after a long day of work.


Keep your house clean to prevent mice infestations.

Keep your house clean. Organise your pantry and seal food containers.

If there is nothing to eat, a mouse will not live in your home. You should store all food in closed containers properly and put it in safe places to avoid the attack of the mouse. Put your kitchen rubbish as far as possible because the stench will attract rats.


Use a mouse trap.

A mistake that many families often make is killing the mouse using poison. This often results to a home owner wondering where a foul smell is coming from. Not to mention, after rodents die, it will be infested with parasite that could bite people and lead to diseases.

It’s better to use trap a mouse. Throw a rat at least 2 kms away from your home to prevent it from going back to your house.


Scare mice with mazut oil.

You can quickly get some of this oil at motorbike repair shops or similar places. This oil has an unpleasant smell that scares away mice.

Pouring mazut oil around their nesting areas will cause them to flee. Additionally, mazut oil is poisonous and will cause mice to die.


Use cotton and vinegar to prevent mice.

Rats hate vinegar. Place a cotton ball soaked in vinegar in places where you see mice. Make sure to replace the cotton balls when the cotton balls become dry and no longer smell of vinegar.


Install a screen door to keep rats out.

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It’s best to install a screen door to make sure that rodents can’t enter your house. Mice are most active at night, so you shouldn’t leave the door open at night.


Prevent branches from reaching your roof.

Check all the trees surrounding your house. Cut branches to prevent rodents from using them as a way to reach your home.