Termite Inspections Made Easier

We all know that we need to get termite inspections done for our homes. Termite control is important for every homeowner but people often delay it because of how inconvenient termite inspections can be.

However, if you do them in the right way, you can make them easy and much more efficient as well. Here’s what you can do to make the process easier.

Clear the furniture

If your home has wooden flooring, then it needs to be properly checked for termites. The problem is that the furniture gets in the way when the experts from the pest control company are checking for these insects. You cannot expect them to move every piece of furniture in your home, as that isn’t a part of their job. They’ll simply look below the furniture as much as they can and move on.

While this works, there is still a chance that there might be termites left behind. So, move the heavy furniture and the termite inspection will become easier for you and the pest control company.

Note the hard to access areas

Termites can be anywhere in your house where there is wood, even if those areas are hard to access. If you have wood in your house in any hard to access areas, all you have to do is make them accessible. If they are blocked by furniture, then move the furniture. If they are too high to reach, then leave a ladder beside the place. If you make these areas accessible, the inspector will be able to get up close and ensure that there are no termites there.

Choose the right time for termite control

A very easy thing to do is to schedule the inspection for a time when your family isn’t home. Termite control is necessary but disrupting your whole family’s routine for a few hours is inconvenient. Instead, send them out on a trip.

One of you should stay back to assist the inspector and to let them know what needs to be checked, while the other can entertain the kids. This will also let the inspector do their job easily – they won’t have to worry about your kids running around and they will be able to move any furniture without space constraints or injuries.

Help the inspector out

If you want proper termite control in your place, you need to help your inspector. The termite inspector is an expert in finding termites but you are the expert when it comes to your home. You know the most problematic areas, you know where wood has been used, and you know what needs to be checked. Make sure that you are there when the termite inspection takes place. Tell the person inspecting your place where they need to look. Let them know about all the wood furniture at your place. Have them inspect the high up hard to reach places. The inspection will only go well if you help the inspector out.

termite inspections

When to get an inspection

You need to get an inspection done if you see termites anywhere near your house or if a house in the neighbourhood has recently faced a termite infestation. You also need to get one done before you sell your place. Anyone who buys your home will get an inspection done on your place before they pay you as well.

Remember that if they end up finding termites, the value of your house will go down and they may not pay you as much as you decided on. That is why you need to get an inspection done yourself so you can deal with the problem before any buyers inspect it. The inspection takes only a few hours so it isn’t really inconvenient and is cost effective.


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