How to get rid of rats

How to get rid of rats

Home guide to get rid of rats. Rats are little furry rodents that can be found in holes, near debris, under rocks, underneath bushes, and in other cluttered areas such as basements and attics. There are two common types of rats that invade homes and they are known as brown rats and roof rats. The brown rat is also commonly referred to as the “common rat” and the “wharf rat”, while the roof rat is also known as the “black rat”, the “house rat”, and the “ship rat”. Both types are very unsanitary rodents that defecate around the house, gnaw at furniture and wood, and transmit various diseases. They are mostly active in dark areas and it is most likely that they will be found in crowded areas with other insects as well. They have the tendency to eat almost anything that they see, but they are known to primarily feed off vegetables, flowers, fruits, grains, insects, and meats. Unfortunately for people, they are most commonly found in large populations around the house and infestation is something that can occur without any visible evidence out there because they tend to come out only at night and hide during the day.

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There are various methods on how to get rid of rats, including frequently cleaning cluttered areas like garages and under house, securely storing all the food products in your home, and sealing any cracks in the foundation of your house. Outside of the house, it is also important to clean excess debris, wood, plants, shrubs, or trees as this is what might attract them as well. Very effective ways to kill them include products such as bait and rat traps. Baits can be sprinkled in hard to reach areas and around the whole house where they nest. Thanks to the toxicity of the bait, it will quickly kill the rat but if done unprofessionally can also harm children and pets. Rat traps are also very effective at killing the rat immediately. Placing some food on top of the trap will attract the rat’s attention and it will tempt it to come closer and when this happens the metal portion will snap down on the rat. When killing rats becomes a hard task and infestation occurs, it is in your best interest to contact a professional pest controller immediately in order to eliminate all rats completely.

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Rats should not be allowed to grow in numbers as the further they expand their territory, the worse it will get for you. This is why rats have to be killed as soon as possible. Rats are able to reproduce very quickly and their numbers can grow to hundreds within weeks. Imagine what it is like living in a house with a 100 rats. Killing rats may not be such a hard task after doing your homework on what attracts them and what are the best possible ways to killing them. If you still are not confident enough that you can do it yourself, then call for professional help like us. We will do whatever is necessary to get rid of the rats quickly once and for all.  We have a one treatment guarantee where we promise to identify the source of the rat problem and remove any rats around your property using our unique pest solution. Why risk your family with diseases and other health ailments caused by rats living inside your house when our service will also help prevent future rat infestations?

If you have gone through the basic steps for use against rats on our homepage on the 10 steps to control pests and nothing else is working, contact our pest management team today. We are licensed pest and building professionals and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We can match any comparable rat removal/control price quote for treatment on your premises. Give our team a call now for free advice and quote today.

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Remember that when talking about rats, or other pests in general your first and most important priority should be the safety of your family. Although rats are small creatures, this does not mean they are not dangerous at all. As a matter of fact it is quite the opposite, they are very dangerous to have in your home, not only for your furniture, but for the health of your family, and they have to be terminated immediately especially if you have small children. Killing them on your own is a good way to remove a rat, but if the rats are hiding or coming from an unknown source then consult a professional like us so you can have peace of mind you are not sleeping together with rats. If you still struggle with rats or if you want a complete pest solution that involves not only protecting your family from from spiders hiding in areas you haven’t noticed, but also other pests such as termitescockroaches and bed bugs, contact professional services.