Cockroaches – The most common troublemakers in your home

Cockroach problems

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Cockroach health problems

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests for every Australian households and businesses. The cockroach problem is far more serious than any other pests problems around your home as they will directly affect the living quality and your family health. If you have a restaurant business, the appear of cockroaches in the kitchen area will give you a big headache. Hence, we always try different methods such as spraying insecticide or using cockroach baits to get rid of them, but those methods only effect temporarily.

Cockroaches carry diseases into your home. People who are sensitive to cockroach antigens can experience dermatitis and respiratory problems. Also, they leave a gem trails behind them and you will never know whether they enter into your food storage area. This is very dangerous if you or your family members consume those food as you may have food poison. When the weather starts getting warmer, cockroaches will appear everywhere.

With such risks, it is important to get rid of this creature to protect human health. Cockroaches come into your house to look for food, thus preventing cockroaches from entering your home is crucial. You should remove the debris and seal all the around your home, empty the trash bins when they are full and do not leave dirty sink overnight. If you see cockroaches around your living area, use some commercial products such as insecticide or baits to deal with them.

Call our friendly pest controllers

However, if cockroaches still show up around your home, the best way is to get helps from a professional pest controller. The pest controllers will do an inspection and create a treatment plan based on the specific situation. Call our pest control services at Masters Pest Control Sydney on (02) 8007 4666 to schedule an appointment. We open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. Also check out our other services below:

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