The Buzz on Bees in Castle Hill

Whenever Castle Hill shifts into warmer weather, bees become more active and apparent. The Sydney Suburb has undergone significant development in recent times, as seen in the construction of more gardens and local parks. The problem is, bees flock to heavily forested areas and gardens. As a result, Castle Hill has become the ideal environment for these pests to breed and proliferate.

Many locals are wary of bees, mainly because of the risk of getting stung. When bees sting, they would usually leave a sac of venom and their stinger in your skin. First thing you have to do is take out the stinger within 30 seconds to prevent more venom from seeping through. And then, cautiously take out the sac and stinger to avoid squeezing them, as more venom will get into you that way.

The Buzz on Bees in Castle Hill

The Buzz on Bees in Castle Hill – Image source: Wikipedia

A bee sting can also progress into bee poisoning. This is a condition where a single bee sting, due to the venom, causes a severe physical reaction. In scientific terms, it is referred to as apitoxin poisoning or apis virus poisoning. Apitoxin and apis virus are the technical names for the venom released by bees. This condition requires medical attention as soon as possible.

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