Botany – 6 Insect Bite Remedies


Have you been at Sir Joseph Banks Park and an insect attacked? The south-eastern suburb of Botany is filled with little crawlers ready to pounce. Masters Pest Control are here to help, equipped with extensive experience around the Bayside local government area. One can confirm this by noting that on your way to Port Botany and around Botany Bay you will rarely see any pests. Call Masters Pest Control Sydney today if you are yet to be inspected.

Botany - Insect Bite

Botany – Insect Bite

6 Insect Bite Home Remedies

Being in the pest control services industry for over 40 years, our team have come across some nasty bites. We encourage the use of proper medical attention, but we have a list of some home remedies that can help alleviate the pain.

  1. Ice – this is a great tool to use when trying to reduce inflammation. The freeze will slow down the blood circulation and reduce speed of the poisons from flowing.
  2. Onion – When it comes to insect stings (e.g – wasps and bees), a good idea past down through the generations is to apply a halved onion to the swollen area. This should reduce the pain significantly.
  3. Cucumber – the chemical compound found in the vegetable is used to shrink and tighten body tissue. Apply slices to wasp and bee stings to reduce the pain.
  4. Baking Soda & Water – by creating a paste with baking soda and water, the mixture will alleviate the pain induced by a bee sting
  5. Garlic Juice – mash up a garlic clove and it will produce a juice. Apply this juice to a sting and it will grant the user significant pain relief
  6. Acidic liquids (lemon juice, vinegar & cider) – in order to neutralise the poisons, using highly acidic liquids will do the trick. With a little swab or cotton ball, apply one of the liquids to the sting. This will reduce swelling as well as the adverse effects of the poison.

For more information on insects and their poisons, call Masters Pest Control Sydney for our industry knowledge and experience.Our family owned business are here to help and provide you with a safe and pest free space. Dial 02 8007 4666 now to speak to our service team.

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