Bella Vista – Is DIY Pest Control Effective?

DIY Pest Control

Keeping creepy crawlers at bay is a battle that families in Bella Vista have long engaged in. Noticed cockroaches scrambling in the kitchen? Spotted spiders jumping around in the backyard? Witnessed flies touching down on outdoor picnic meals? These are just some of the many scenarios that you may have experienced. To make matters worse, some pest species grow in numbers during hot weather.

The best way to deal with pest problems? Prevent them. Masters Pest Control Sydney will guide you through the most basic rules on all-around pest prevention. We will show you effective steps to take toward pests from the get go. As we refrain from using harsh chemicals ourselves, we will teach you how to make your own natural bug sprays and repellents. Our organic pesticides as well as pet and child friendly pest control methods work just as effectively as dangerous chemical techniques.

Powerful Anti-Pest Solutions
You will be amazed by how a few, simple preventive measures can keep pests out of your house for good. One of the easiest ways is to create a 50/50 solution made of vinegar and water to clean countertops and dining tables. This is effective in erasing scent trails ants use to navigate their way around your food sources.

Bella Vista - Is DIY Pest Control Effective?

Bella Vista – Is DIY Pest Control Effective?

As for cockroaches, you can combine three parts fabric softener with two parts water and spray the mixture along floors and doors to deter cockroaches. Got a problem with rodents? Concoct a natural rat deterrent using only two ingredients—a half cup of water and 40 drops of peppermint oil. Spray the solution along the floor and place soaked cotton balls near various entry points in your house.

Give Masters Pest Control Sydney a call on 02 8007 4666 to learn more tips and tricks on keeping pests away from your property.

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